About First Class Africa

The Premier Provider of Your African Experience

We are a service company that focuses on providing high-quality services to individuals and corporate clients from all over the world who wants to visit, relocate, or do business in the United Republic of Tanzania. Our value proposition is straightforward; to be a facilitator for our clients. Our services are designed to meet the needs of local Tanzanians, Tanzanians living abroad, Tanzania-based organizations, foreigners, and foreign organizations wanting to visit or conduct business in Tanzania. We consult and listen to our clients and then work with them to develop a plan of execution to meet their needs.

First Class Africa is led by a senior management team with over 20 years of experience in Tanzania and the USA.

Our Guarantee

Our sole intention is to deliver a First Class African experience to all our clients. Our strenghts are paying a keen attention to details to ensure that when you are on board, all your worries are taken care of. We are here to ensure that things go on seamlessly, and that your experience is nothing short of First Class. Our wide array of services are tailored to fit your needs; we ensure that you have a comprehensive and holistic experience in Tanzania that is unforgetable.


Our unique business model provides an atmosphere of class, efficiency, results and ease of movements while under our care and supervision.


To offer stress free peace of mind premier experience when visiting, exploring, moving or doing business to the beautiful country of Tanzania. Our team offers a level of international excellence that is unmatched through our network of experts and our combined local ties, education, experience and business model.