About the Program

Our line of business comes with social responsibilities which we embrace. First Class Africa is committed to facilitating your travel experience sustainably and consciously by being a good corporate citizen.

First Class Africa (FCA) Cares is our commitment to making a difference in people’s lives and protecting the incredible planet we share. We firmly believe in corporate social responsibility. We currently support an orphanage, offer scholarships for secondary school students from low-income or rural backgrounds and provide educational and financial support to students with learning disabilities in Tanzania.

We care about the community we operate and live in. Our operations also provide employment opportunities to local Tanzanians. Our guides are Tanzanians and we believe you should be shown around Tanzania by the Tanzanian people. Our goal is to be impactful in the community and use our broad platform to make a difference by helping those around us learn and elevate their standards of living. Through your support, we will continue to assist children from under-privileged backgrounds to get an education and have a leg up on the society.

Making a difference: Sponsorship

We are proud to financially support students who show promise, character, and a high level of educational acumen but come from poor backgrounds. The sponsorship runs for the entire course of secondary school education. Currently, the openings for this program are for a boy and a girl. Interviews for the same are scheduled to start shortly since the actual program begins in January 2022, when the school year begins.

Special Education

We realize that often times children with learning differences get left behind by the educational systems in place. The institutions that take up the burden of providing specialized education typically have scant resources, are understaffed and the staff members are undertrained. We partner with these institutions and provide relief so that they can better deliver the requisite education and care.


There are several children’s orphanages across Tanzania, and needless to say, they face numerous challenges. Many are underfunded and struggle to provide basic needs to the children. At First Class Africa, we primarily support an at-risk girls-only orphanage. We work with the orphanage to provide the necessary support for food, clothing, shelter, and a comfortable living environment for girls coming from tough backgrounds. Our ongoing vision is to support some of the girls through our scholarship and internship programs at a later stage in their lives.

How to Participate

We always welcome a helping hand. As a valued First Class Africa client (or non-client), we invite you to join us in whichever way you can. We accept on behalf of the above-listed causes a one-off or ongoing financial contributions and donations. We also have tailored programs where you can sponsor a specific child at the high school level, and we can give you a personal update on how the student progresses throughout their schooling. To learn more about how you can get involved, please contact us by filling out the form below. You can also contact us bookings@firstclassafrica.com We look forward to partnering with you and be the change we all want to see in the world.